Running A Business? Do You Have A Backup Plan In Place?

Disaster can strike anywhere, anytime. There is no knowing when and how it will happen. A number of factors could impact every business. These factors could be internal or external, many of which are beyond control of human beings.

Let’s say, for example, you were running a successful business and a natural calamity strikes, you end up losing a substantial part of your infrastructure, equipment etc. in your business. Now what?

Obviously, one has no control over the natural calamity that struck, yet it can affect your business in a big way, leading to losses that sometimes mount to crores of rupees.A number of factorscould occur which are beyond one’s control, yet can affect and destroy a flourishing business.

In fact, it is not just these one-off disasters that one needs to safeguard against, but there alsoa number of other unforeseen factors – such as unpredictable consumer trends and preferences, hardware failures, cyber-attacks etc. that one needs to look into.

While it’s not always possible to protectsyour business against the unknown, one can minimize the impact such events have on a business by taking preventive measures such as investing in a backup plan that is reliable and secure.

What is a backup plan and why is it essential for a business setup?

Software, hardware and data are the most important elements of every business these days. Operational continuity and survival for most businesses are dependent on uninterrupted functioning of these. Backup comes into play here, since it is essential to give them the ultimate form of protection.

The process of storing all your important data related to your business including softwares and applications, at a secure offsite locationis known as backup. This enables you to access them in case of an eventuality. Hence, a backup is always taken and stored at an offsite location so that; whatever strikes the main systemsdoes notaffect the backup.In a way, one can say that backup is like taking an insurance cover that one can turn to in the event of system failure or disaster.

Creating backups have always been an integral part of a business setup, though over a period of time, with advancement of technology,the process has become better and much easier. With the advancement in technology, online backup is steadily replacing conventional backup.

Due to ease of use and agility of service,Cloud backup is considered as one of the best and efficient ways to backup anything and everything you want. Since all it requires is a subscription on a reliable and secure Cloud backup service and Internet connection.

Cloud Backup

Read on to understand why Cloud backup is a great backup option, especially for small or medium scale businesses.

Simple and Convenient

Cloud backup is a convenient, cost effective and an easy way to ensure that you don’t lose your data and valuable files. One can backup files right from the computers easily – all one needs to do is create a folder in your system for backup and itwillbe automatically synced with the Cloud storage. It is as simple as that-doesn’t require you to be physically present to ensure that the backup is taking place.


Another compelling reason to choose Cloud backup is its affordability.With the Cloud, one needs to just subscribe to a Cloud service, which is usually available for a nominal fee and move their data on to the Cloud.Choosing an online backup plan enables business owners to save on costs big time as compared to conventional data storage options.

Instant, Automatic Backup

Backup on the Cloud takes place automatically within no time. Since the backups happen automatically, there is no need for anyone to constantly monitor the backup process. All one needs is to schedule a backup time and the files will be automatically synced. Since all the processes happen in the background, this gives the user the ease of carrying on with their regular tasks without interruptions.

What’s more – in case of an eventuality, the data can be retrieved quickly without much ado. This simply means that there is hardly any loss of time or money and in most cases your business associates may not even notice that something has gone wrong.

Anywhere, Anytime Access

Since most of the storage plans provided by Cloud backup service providers these days come with their own smartphone apps, it gives one the ease of accessing their Cloud data from anywhere at any time. The 24/7 access makes Cloud backup a popular tool due to its convenience.

Keep your business protected at all times with a reliable cloud backup service that is fast, easy and secure. Get in touch with our Cloud solution experts at BackupGuru today!

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