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6 Reasons To Store Your Data Online!

Online storage is soon becoming a common part of each of our lives. Every day, we use Google drive or iCloud to either share files or store files. While we don’t realize how often we use these online storage platforms, the truth is that without these platforms our drawers would be full of mixed up pen drives and hard drives and our PCs and laptops out of storage!

Here are 6 ways in which online storage platforms make our lives easy:

1. Data Back-Up: One of the distinct advantages of having an online storage system in place is that you don’t have to worry about losing your data to some virus or problem in your laptop or PC. These platforms primarily help us save a copy of our data on the internet, giving us the liberty to retrieve it whenever we want so that we don’t lose our precious data. Both organizations and individuals have tons of precious data which they cannot afford to lose. These platforms really helps store databases, personal data and a lot more.It also helps cut down on the storage on piles of papers and files as data can be saved electronically.

2. Instant Data Accessibility: There are days when you need an important file saved on your laptop but you don’t have your laptop with you and you need that file. Such times, storing your data on the internet can help let you access your data from any part of the world, any time of the data, within minutes. As data is stored on the internet, all you need is a computer/laptop/smartphone/tablet and an internet connection to access your account and subsequently your file.

3. Certain GB of Free Space: A lot of online storage platforms like Dropbox, etc give you certain GB of free space so if you are looking to store limited data, these platforms are free of cost. In case you wish to store more, you can pay a nominal fee and get as much space as you want. In fact, there are platforms that give unlimited free space if you agree to let the platform reduce and store the size of your images/videos/documents. However, the reduction is done in a way that the quality of the image/video is not changed drastically.

4. Takes the burden off your laptop:Our laptops come with limited space. Stuffing them with files will slow them down and eventually our laptops run out of space. managing multiple pen drives and hard drives can be quite a task. Storing data on the internet can reduce the storage burdens off our laptops and PCs. Constantly backing up the files on our systems or auto-syncing all our data with these platforms can really help keep our systems fast and it’s space free.

5. Sharing files: Online storage platforms are often used as a medium to share files where one party can upload the files and the other can retrieve the files on their end. The advantage is that certain large files are difficult to share over e-mails so these platforms act as great tools for sharing large files.

6. Offline Syncing: Another advantage is that if you run out of power or there is no internet connection and you want to back up your files, certain online storage platforms let you back up in offline mode and automatically sync your data once you are online. Hassle free? isn’t it?

There is so much electronic data created everyday. Millions of people are uploading their personal data and thousands of organizations are constantly backing up their systems and important documents and databases. There are no two ways about it that online storage systems have changed our world. Online storage systems are not only easy to use and easy to access, most of all they make our lives easy and our data safer.

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