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What to look for in Cloud Storage and File-sharing for Businesses


A large number of people use cloud services to get their work done, especially when you are mostly out-sourcing tasks and work in certain segments of your business. Sharing data could pose a challenge especially when a third party is involved. Firstly, there could be an issue of sharing large amounts of data online. Secondly, security of the data shared. A situation like this can be easily resolved if your company has a business cloud storage service. With the help of cloud storage solution for businesses, worries about where data is stored, how secure your data is and who is managing users’ accounts eases out. Cloud backup solution for business also turns out to be an affordable and an economical option as compared to other physical forms of backup options.

Although there are numerous cloud services across various platforms that offer business cloud storage and file- sharing, however, each one of them, have their limitations. The most common limitation is space offered and again there are a few security snags with sharing permissions etc.

Some services, offer its user’s enterprise versions, which gives you, control over the stored data but it is limited. On the other hand, some services come with a number of management and security features. This security and management service allows one to be in peace with the knowledge where their data is stored.

How to choose abusiness cloud storage service
When one is looking for a cloud storage option for your business, there are a few aspects that one needs to look at –

  • Security of data stored
  • Space offered
  • Ease of managing cloud storage
  • Quick data upload
  • Business user’s needs and requirements

When it comes to cloud backup and file sharing options for businesses there are quite a few available online. However, each one of these offers different set of services. With an array of options available these days one needs to check the features offered by these services. Most cloud storage solutions allow you to store data on cloud; some do go to a greater length by offering further security through encryption for file transfers, data storage and artificial intelligence to manage device integration.

Apart from weighing the options and thoroughly vetting the features, these services offer it is equally important to the cloud storage service provider’s policies since there could be limitations to the files storage and their access.

Some key features to look for when searching for cloud storage solution for businesses are Some key features to look for when searching for cloud storage solution for businesses are –

  • Look for storage services, which offers a single user sign-in
  • Offers encrypted security
  • Allows integration with mobile device management tools
  • Admin Panel, which enables you to set controls for file access, link sharing and data collaboration within your business and outside your organization.

A thorough groundwork before choosing the best cloud storage solutions allows your business to function smoothly. This gives you the ability to control sharing of files and access with third-party agencies. This, in turn, keeps your data secure without the fear of over-sharing and the ensuring that the data you share is not misused.

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