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Are you familiar with Backup Software terms?

As it is with every industry, there are certain terms and nomenclatures that are exclusively used with respect to that particular industry. In the IT industry to there are a large number of terminologies used. So what are the terms that are specific to data-backup? New users would be aware of certain terms but there are a number of terms that they could be unfamiliar with. It is time to familiarize yourself with the terms and what they refer to comes to data backup:

Full Back up:

This term full backup is used when you take the backup of the data on your device for the first time. This does not mean that one has taken the backup of data of the entire device – system files included. The full backup could be just some specific files like important documents, images etc.

Backup Set:

This term is used generally when you are taking a backup of a set of files at a given time. Before you take a backup of any file, you can decide which files would require backup and customize the backup of files you want to include accordingly. Once you prepare the set of files that you would like to take a backup of and hit the Backup button, you would have created a backup set. Every time you back up a file or a set of files, the backup activity reflects in the backup log, this allows you to keep a track of your backup activity and backup sets uploaded.

Cloud Backup:

The term cloud has become popular in recent years, one encounters this term being frequently used. Cloud backup is generally done using the internet onto servers that are owned by online backup service providers. These servers store data backed up by millions of users worldwide.

Automatic Backup:

Automatic backup is a standard feature that comes with all data backup software. This features backups up data through the data backup software automatically. The best thing about this feature is that you can set automatic back for files that you require and choose a period for backups i.e. at a time when you are not using your device. How the automatic backups functions vary with every software, you can run backups every hour or do it once a day some files do not require. The advantage of having automatic data backup is that you don’t have to worry about running backups physically your system takes care of it automatically.

Data Migration:

Data migration is a feature, which comes with most data backup software. This feature allows you to move or migrate your data from one device to another. Data migration moves the entire data right from the operating system, files and apps present on your current device to another as a whole.

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