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Is Encrypted Online Backup Service Necessary For Your Personal Devices

In this technology-driven world where one can go without proper sleep, maybe nibble on snacks and leftovers for the days together, however, cut them off for even half a day without their smartphones, tabs or iPad and their world comes crumbling down. This is how technology has gripped us and it is amazing at the rate it keeps evolving.

Interestingly however paranoid we are about our dependency on these devices whether it is staying connected with our office, friends or family or other functionalities that these devices offer yet, a large number of people shy away or refrain from backing up their data to an online cloud backup service.

The primary reason for resisting cloud backup services is due to fear of personal security. Most people worry that even though cloud backup services could be secured to the outside world their data could be compromised and checked through by the employees of the cloud service providers. Another fear is of personal information being hacked into by hackers, criminals who could misuse this information. The biggest fear amongst a majority of people across the world is that the data they save on cloud could be shared with law enforcement agencies or government officials without the knowledge of the user.

Know What To Look For Before You Leap

Although these fears cannot be brushed aside as being baseless, the sanctity of your data can remain intact if you choose a cloud service provider that offers encryption as a measure for the security of your data.

Another factor that would come in favour of choosing a cloud backup service provider is whether encryption key used to scramble your personal data can be unscrambled and recovered by anyone else other than yourself. For instance, every chat session on WhatsApp is encrypted which makes it completely safe and these chats cannot be read by even the tech teams of the company.

There are various methods and levels of encryption that are employed by cloud backup service providers. Since a majority of us would not want to delve into the multiple levels of encryption methods used it would be worth every penny to subscribe to a cloud backup service that gives its subscribers complete control of their encryption.

Here are few parameters that one could use to evaluate the services and security provided by the online backup service providers –

  • Focus on services that offer personal edition. An online backup service where you can purchase an account for a single user with an option to connect a couple of your devices to a single account or a bundled account for a family – here a set number of users can back up/sync a set number of devices.
  • Most services offer a free trial period one can subscribe to such services that are well established or well reviewed and use the service for backing not so sensitive information and check how secure the services are.
  • Avoid going for online backup services that offer scant and sketchy information about their security and encryption practices. Subscribers always have the right to know how their data is protected.
  • Always look if the online backup service provider provides transfer of data over a secure connection.

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