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Backing Up Your Android Phone Can Avert Impending Disasters

Backing Up Your Android Phone Can Avert Impending Disasters
Backing Up Your Android Phone Can Avert Impending Disasters

Backing Up Your Android Phone Can Avert Impending Disasters

Backing Up Your Android Phone Can Avert Impending Disasters: Most people would not cut corners when it comes to backing up the data on their computer but how many of us proactively do that to the data on our smartphones? 90% of users of an Android Smartphone would agree that they don’t do it at all. Most of these smartphone users would consider the backing up of the data on their only when disaster strikes because until then we are rather comfortable just using our phones that the thought of taking a backup of data for your Android phone fees like an unnecessary task.

What if you accidentally drop your phone or your device decides to take a plunge in water, your device is stolen, or you could end up having an issue with the ROM? All of a sudden, all the talk about backup of your Android phone comes reeling back and reality could bite you hard. That’s not all with the amount of third party link we unknowingly visit your Android phone could make your personal data vulnerable to ransomware threat and could make your data irretrievable. When you encounter a situation like this and come to a point of coughing up thousands of rupees to recover your data, Android backups seem priceless and the wisest thing to do.

While your phone’s inbuilt back and Google sign in automatically enables back up of contacts, email and calendars many choose to override the backup option. Then there is the question backing up the array of apps that we use. While backup of all apps is not required, however, there are many app data that you would want to be retrieved in case of any eventuality. You would also want to consider protecting media files, contact list, documents etc.

Backing up your Android Phone

The above-cited scenarios could sound dramatic but what are chances that you wouldn’t face a situation like this?That’s precisely why the term accidental is used because there is no knowing when it would happen. To avoid risks of losing your data have a plan in place. Backing up your data is the answer to your miseries.

Backup is the easiest way to make sure your data isn’t lost –  One can breathe easy to a certain extent because Google automatically syncs your contacts, docs, app purchases this would happen only if you allow or give it permission to do so. Although Google saves a lot of your data, there are other backup options that would enable you to save the entire data on your Android phone.

Third-Party Backup Utility Service

It’s time to call the third man in – A backup cloud solution provider for Android phones could save your day and data. Backup system for Android enables you to back up everything that’s possible to back up without hampering your day to day usage of the phone. Photos, app data, contacts, system settings, calendars, SMS messages, media, and more. Cloud Backup apps allow you to schedule backups at a time that is most convenient to you for example at bedtime.

Cloud backup for Android phones gives you the convenience of integrating your email account, Dropbox account, Google Drive, etc. It also allows you to view and restore your data selectively, or all at once.

Despite the fact that most smartphone manufacturers offer some sort of backup solution for your device however you could have limited backup space. Choosing a cloud backup storage option seems a far safer bet than computer-based backups simply because it is easy to use, lets you port your data with ease and offers security of your data.

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