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To Backup Files or Not on Cloud – Priority Check-list

To Backup Files or Not on Cloud – Priority Check-list
To Backup Files or Not on Cloud – Priority Check-list

To Backup Files or Not on Cloud – Priority Check-list

To Backup Files or Not on Cloud – Priority Check-list: The best data backup software and cloud backup solution give you the freedom of backing up practically everything, right from your data, installed software to the operating system just about everything can be backed up.  However, the extreme step of taking a backup of installed software and an operating system is mostly used by a few hardcore IT people this enables them to restore and replicate the setup of your existing computer on a different computer.

Regular users would ideally take back up of their files with the sole intention of protecting it against loss of a device, or system crash or other scenarios where data could be lost. You would probably like to consider which files you would like to take a backup of and since backup sets generally take time and you would want to consider which files you would like to save first. Generally, the below-mentioned list in order is recommended when taking backup whether it is on cloud backup or data backup software

Backup Priority Check List

Memories: There are a number of files that you would hold close to your heart and happen to have sentimental – photos and home videos of your near and dear ones, personal journals, etc. For most of us, these files are most important, as these memories are irreplaceable if lost; this would top the priority list without a doubt.

Personal Data: The second on your order of priority would be important documents and data – scanned copies of your identification documents, your investments, banking related details, mortgage details, tax returns etc. These documents and files are important to you as you do require them on regular basis and losing them could create chaos could have you running from pillar to post trying to recover them.

Professional Data: Your professional life is equally important; you could have a number files, data that you have saved from the past jobs and many that could be connected to your current job. Network connections, resume, documents etc. all of these make up your career portfolio and in some way hold a great deal of importance as they could come handy in some way or the other in your future liaisons.

Fun and Entertainment: While movie and music buffs would not like this as number four on the priority list. However, for a large number of users files such as movies, music, entertainment videos etc. are purely used for fun and entertainment. Losing these could cause temporary anguish but a majority of the music and movies can be either repurchased or copied from friends who own similar sets. With everything, available online these days over various sites not much is lost.

System Files:  Files that support the functioning of your computer such as system files, installed software and operating system don’t require backup. All these files, apps and operating system etc. can easily be restored and reinstalled in case your computer crashes. Backup for such files is usually done by techies or advanced users.

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