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COLD STORAGE: A Solution For All Your Archived Data

Cold Storage

COLD STORAGE: A Solution For All Your Archived Data

COLD STORAGE : A Solution For All Your Archived Data Ideally, there two types of data that are part of a business enterprise or a large organisation – one is the kind that is used day-to-day, every month, quarterly. The other that business use less than once a year or maybe never such as compliance and statutory files. The data that you use frequently is generally termed as warm data and can be backed up using a regular online backup service. However, for data you expect to use maybe once a year would be termed fit for cold storage.

What usually works well when one is using the cold storage option is an online cold storage backup option, which is low on costs, easily archival storage space, security and durability. Durability since this is something that one would access perhaps just once a year.

Archival/Cold Cloud Storage

Times have moved on when data was saved and retrieved from tapes. This is the age of cloud, which doesn’t require a locker room and space to store bulky tapes, it doesn’t require days to hunt through the huge pile of accumulated data when you want a particular information. Everything is neatly tucked away on secure servers, away from prying eyes and easily accessible at any point in just a matter of seconds.

Cloud Storage offers a perfect solution for a business enterprise for all your data archival requirements and with the right online cloud storage service provider, one can breathe easy knowing that your data will be there and easily available when you need it and wherever you are.

Whether you have a small business setup or a large business your most critical documents, media, and other essential data with the right cold storage solution provider you can rely on the fact that your data is secure and protected. Your data is transferred over the safest networks and stored on and through secure setups.

What makes a cloud storage solution truly stand apart over other similar providers are a few basic parameters:-

  • The ease of use
  • Simplicity of the backup process
  • Consistency across various types of backup
  • Automated backup and data migration
  • Seamless data transition from one storage requirement to another, especially when one needs to upgrade their storage plans according to the business requirement

While these are some parameters, that one should set when evaluating the right online cloud storage solution that suits your requirement. However, there are certain pointers to keep in mind while looking for a cold storage or archival cloud storage solution.

  • The archival cloud storage should be affordable and easily available. It should come with a foolproof archive retrieval and disaster recovery options.
  • The cold storage solution should be able to import data from on-premises location, Amazon S3, HTTP/HTTPS easily without snags.
  • The online cold storage should be able to upload and offer quick data retrieval
  • It should use the same APIs across different domains
  • Online cold storage should allow integration with all devices, social networking sites and other backup services
  • Cold storage should be secure, cost-effective and durable

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