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Cloud Computing And Cloud Storage – What is The Difference?

Cloud Computing And Cloud Storage – What is The Difference?
Cloud Computing And Cloud Storage – What is The Difference?

Cloud Computing And Cloud Storage – What is The Difference?

We often hear the terms “cloud storage”, “cloud computing”, and a majority of the times these two terms are generally confused and used in place of the other.  As a novice one may think that these terms probably mean the same but in reality, there are some prominent differences. Although both cloud storage and cloud computing have many things in common especially since both use the cloud as the source but conceptually they are different.  The “Cloud” consists of a range of virtual solutions for various types of data used widely by businesses and individuals these days.

What Sets These Two Terms Apart?

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage is a virtual storage space that allows a user to store and save data over the internet instead of saving them on an external hard drive or your computer. Data such as media, pictures, documents etc. are stored on a remote server, which can be accessed or retrieved from multiple devices whenever required. The data is uploaded to cloud-based servers over the internet and once this is done one can access this data virtually from any part of the world via the internet. The benefit of having your data stored in the cloud is that it is secure and the data is available anytime in case of an unexpected disaster. Another advantage of having the data in the cloud is that you can share the required set of files with anyone at the click of a button.

Cloud Storage is an equally essential entity for Businesses and Companies. Having documents and other saved on cloud gives the users the freedom to store and preserve their data in a secure virtual space. Apart from storing critical business-related data, it also allows data sharing and file collaboration with their counterparts across the globe who are working on the same project. Storing data in the cloud gives more or less an unlimited data storage space, which in turn is cost-effective. It also works out as far more secure medium of data storage than traditional data storage since the data is stored on a virtual server and can be protected through access controls.

Cloud Computing

While cloud storage is used to store data cloud computing is used for working on a specific or a specified set of projects. For working on cloud computing one has to first upload the required data on the cloud storage since cloud computing is linked to cloud storage. Once the required data is uploaded to the cloud, the teams working on projects can process it into a tangible and meaningful data. Software as a Service (Saas) is an example of Cloud Computing, this software allows a user to key in the data and the data is processed or computed through a software interface remotely. Cloud computing is fast becoming popular amongst business setups as it enables them to run efficiently, enables better collaboration, offers an effective communication channel and gives a business a wider outreach be it their business partners or customers.

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