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Risks Of Storing Data On Public Cloud Storage

Risks Of Storing Data On Public Cloud Storage
Risks Of Storing Data On Public Cloud Storage

Risks Of Storing Data On Public Cloud Storage

Risks Of Storing Data On Public Cloud Storage: Majority of individuals and companies using cloud services use public cloud services for online storage solutions. Although the use of public cloud services come with several benefits, there are risks involved too. Organisations need to understand the risks that come when using a public cloud service and should take appropriate measures such situations if they ever occur.

Data Ownership

Most users are unaware of the fact that the ownership of the data that they store on public cloud actually lies with public cloud service provider. Most of the big providers have clauses in their contracts stating that the customer’s data becomes a part of their own. This not only protects them legally it also allows them to generate revenue by selling the data. Since Organisations have the responsibility to safeguard client data and keep the same private, it would be wise to read the SLA thoroughly and create an SLA with the public cloud provider, which gives you the ownership of the data.

While public cloud can be a great platform but caution is advised if you are storing confidential data. Ensure that proper safety measures are in place.

Limited Control

The Public cloud environment is a multi-tenanted one, which means there multiple users of a single setup. Since this is shared space and there are many users public cloud gives limited control to its users. Hence public cloud customers get lesser control and do not get the freedom of customising managing their cloud space.

Another point to note here is that on public cloud both the hardware and software are owned by the public cloud provider. There are times when the public provider can create a high level or low-level changes without getting consent from their customers.


Since the public cloud is a multi-tenanted environment even a single flaw within could prove to be a threat and could leave the entire setup vulnerable. It leaves the entire environment exposed as hackers could pose as a shared customer and could easily gain access to sensitive information. This could affect one or all of those who are part of the public cloud environment.

Also as public cloud storage gives its users limited control this makes it difficult for a user to enforce appropriate security measure. Managing access control, encryption, and authorization is limited or done at a very basic level, which can pose a security risk for your data.

If you are using the public cloud storage for storing your files and data always, make it point to have a backup of all the data. Just because the data is saved in the public cloud storage does not mean it is protected and serves as an adequate backup or disaster recovery measure. Even though the biggest player in the market claim to have redundancy however they are known to have failed and there have been incidents of the entire system go down and cases of lost data on public cloud storage. Always have a backup and disaster recovery plan in place for your backed up data if it is on a public cloud storage environment.

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