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The various services offered under the cloud offers a number of benefits for an entrepreneur and varied business types. However, a large segment of people who think if it really is worth the effort. Contrary to the general belief if one goes through the list of services the cloud offers one would understand that using the cloud could help you save money on many fronts especially if you own a business enterprise and enable your business to function better.

Cloud Services – A Money Saver Alternative
Reduces The Use Of Hardware

Businesses generate large amounts of data that continues to grow in volume with the growth in business. The data generated is stored in data centres, which means one has to invest in a number of things – networking of the premises, buying different types of equipment’s, power cabling and cooling equipment to protect the servers. Not to mention the ever-mounting electricity bills all this can take a huge chunk out of your budget.

Making use of the cloud services can reduce your cost by eliminating the use of hardware and other secondary costs that are attached to it.  Since the hardware requirements are left to the cloud service provider the expenditure of setting up an in-house data centre gets over-ridden and can cut down expenditure significantly by saving office space that can be productively used.


When you store data in-house, there is regular maintenance of the same, which is required on a day-to-day basis to check on upgrades, resolutions if any breakdown happens. This means there needs to be a dedicated person or an IT team to attend and monitor the data centre. Which obviously means that your maintenance cost of the data centre is added to the list of growing expenditure.

When you are using a cloud solution, your data is safely stored in the cloud. Since the data centre is located off-site it reduces the task of routine maintenance and the number of people required to maintain the same. The dedicated team set aside for routine maintenance of the data centre can be utilized for other projects.

Increase in Productivity

With the advent of the internet, it fast becoming easier for people from all parts of the globe to connect and work together and collaborate irrespective of the location. The cloud provides the perfect environment for people to work in conjunction with ease. Working in the cloud enables easier telecommuting.  The cloud offers efficient and affordable tools for its users. This enables the employees to be equally productive whether they are in or out of their offices.

Low Risk and Cost Saving

Typically, best cloud storage solution providers offer plans that are flexible and cost you a fraction of what one would spend in-house. The biggest advantage of using the cloud is that the software’s offered by the providers are some of the best in the market, which makes it a viable option for people who would ideally like to use top of the line software and tools but cannot invest in buying the same. Another attractive package of the cloud solutions is that one only pays per user or set of users and only for the software that is required. The cloud storage gives an entrepreneur or business enterprises the flexibility and the required tools they need to make their business succeed, thus saving a substantial amount of money.

If you are ready to move your business to cloud and see it grow, get in touch with our cloud solution experts at Backupguru, we would be happy to help you get started with your journey on the cloud.

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