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CCTV Storage Backup On Cloud For Supermarkets

CCTV Data BackupBusinesses nowadays are keen on improving their security, especially the supermarket chains where there are a large number of employees engaged to cater to the customers, footfall is high and more than a thousand transactions take place every single day. A place as busy as a supermarket makes it a perfect set up for theft, burglary and fraud. Supermarkets often face problems such as customer burglary, employee theft and property damages.

In order to protect the business’s inventory, money, property and even the security of employees the owners/managers need to make sure they have the right security systems installed.

Installing the right security systems can prevent burglars from stealing the products, avoid any property damages and in the long run will save the company a lot of money.

Requirement for CCTV Surveillance in Supermarkets

Burglary is a major problem in most supermarkets. By installing security cameras, the businesses not just prevent the customer theft but it can also control internal theft.

Surveillance cameras help the supermarkets protect their investments, reduce shrink and improve the company’s overall security. Everything that goes on the locations is recorded and can be used as evidence if required.

It also increases productivity and prevents internal theft, as all the employees are monitored constantly through the security cameras.

Where Does The CCTV Data Go?

CCTV recording backup is the need of every organization so that they can save their CCTV data for future reference. Supermarkets run on a daily basis sometime round the clock. There is eventually a lot of CCTV data accumulated to be stored on computers and laptops. One way of going about is storing the data on the cloud servers, which are protected and cannot be hacked easily.

Benefits Of Saving Data On Cloud

Easily adaptable: As and when the CCTV storage requirements change the storage plans for cloud can also be easily altered by increasing or decreasing the storage and bandwidth as needed. The total bandwidth required for seamlessly streaming video varies. It depends on the number of images being captured per second. Since more people now upgrading to high-resolution cameras for better image quality bandwidth is an important factor to consider.

Cost effective storage solution: Since supermarkets are large they have numerous CCTVs installed all through the premises. Cloud Storage allows the benefits of storing feeds from all the cameras in one single space on the cloud. Since common storage is used, the installations cost is reduced and hence it becomes a more cost-effective option.

Remote Access: One of the biggest advantages of the cloud backup solution is that it enables remote access. Hence, no matter where you are or what device you are using the CCTV media can be accessed in real time. The data can also be accessed later whenever required from anywhere using Laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Security of CCTV Data: Break-in or burglary in supermarkets could also put the CCTV data at risk as the system/hard drives could be stolen or destroyed. Since it serves as a vital piece of evidence, it is important that the data is kept secure; the risk of losing data is not present in the case of cloud systems.

Given the legal, financial and reputational risks associated with data breaches and leaked video; enterprises are intensely concerned about ensuring the integrity and security of their video networks.

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