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Time To Change Your Cloud Storage Service Provider

Cloud Backup SoftwareThere is no doubt that the cloud storage comes with innumerable benefits for your business some of which include security of your data, collaborative sharing, the cost-effectiveness of data storage etc. With the cloud technology, evolving constantly is your current cloud storage service provider keeping abreast with the latest innovations and changes that are taking place in this space?

Remember moving to different providers involves a considerable amount of work. First, it requires a good part of your time evaluating the services offered by the cloud storage providers versus your business requirements. Second, there the question of moving a large amount of data.

So, before you actually take a plunge and switch to a new provider ensure that you have done your homework well and weighed the pros and cons to make this move a beneficial one for your organisation. Although there are a number of parameters for the evaluation process, there are a few major points that are worthy of consideration.

Does The Current Provider Match Your Needs?

It is very important to choose a cloud storage provider that offers a wide range of services. A provider who offers you flexibility and scales up their service levels with the change in technology that would support your business for years to come. Your requirement and the need to change your cloud storage provider can be equated on two levels:

  • As your business grows and the dynamics of your business changes so does, your need and use of services of cloud technology change too. If your requirements have changed and your current provider does not have the flexibility to cater to your current requirements then it is time you moved on to a cloud storage solutions provider.
  • It could be that your current provider has not been able to match your requirement as per the agreement. A change of provider would need to be considered immediately if your attempts with the provider on giving you the services that were initially agreed upon is not being met with
Is Your Current Cloud Provider Cost-Effective?

One of the many reasons for moving to the cloud is its cost-effectiveness. The cost of the yearly subscription to the cloud changes every year although it is rarely lesser than the present cost. While mostly the price change is marginal some cloud storage solutions providers escalate their subscription costs significantly.

It is definitely worth every penny to be wary of cloud storage providers who initially sign you up on low costs and then go on to increase their subscription costs alarmingly after the expiry of the first year contract.

It would be wiser if a comparison of the cloud storage plans and their costs are done on the basis your current usage and business requirements and not are lured by what seems to be cheaper. What may seem cheap initially may end up being expensive and could also make your business suffer.

Is Your Data On The Current Cloud Provider Secure?

The security of your data is of prime importance especially if it is in the cloud. Therefore, if your cloud service provider needs to ensure that adequate security is provided at all levels. If there is, a lapse in security there could be a chance that sensitive business-related information can become public. If you notice snags in security measures with your current cloud storage provider you should consider switching to different provider immediately. Also, before you take on a new service provider ensure the SLA has a detailed and clear mention about the security of your data.

Remember that moving to new cloud storage service provider involves a lot of time, a great deal of work and cost hence the move should be carefully thought over so that it doesn’t affect your business in any way.


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