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Get Organised! Have Your Data From All Platforms Backed Up In One Single Place

Cloud Backup SoftwareIn this digital age, one cannot but help succumb to owning an account on number of digital platforms – Google, Facebook, Instagram the list is endless. With multiple platforms we stay connected to one tends to accumulate a sizable amount of data – media files, images, documents. Apart from the volume of data we are left with all of which is equally important, it can get difficult trying to manage them and having them properly organised.

If only we could have all of this data backed up automatically in one single place, it would make our digital life easy. So, whether you are an immaculately organised person or just do not like accessing multiple platforms every time you are looking for an important file you have just found a saviour in the cloud.

The Cloud has changed the way data is stored in the recent years. With a number of people using this technology, this space has seen an exponential growth and has a fair number of providers offering this service to you. Both companies and individuals are fast relying on this remote server technology. Most cloud storage services offer general backup – collaboration of emails, media files, documents etc. and only allows you  a limited amount of free storage space.

Getting Organized, Combine Your Accounts With The Cloud

However, what happens if one is looking at backing up data from the social media platforms too? Here is where a few of the cloud service providers have stepped up their services and gone a notch higher. These offer their users not just the general backing up services but much more such as providing online backup from services like Facebook, Instagram etc. along with the use of Artificial Intelligence. With users, being able to backup data from all platforms efficiently with ease the artificial intelligence helps them to organize data according to the user’s preference.

When we are using multiple accounts, trying to save the important files can be a cumbersome process, often an annoying task. Not to mention the mess of having a number of applications that run in the background slowing the functioning of your device. Therefore, here is a simple solution to keeping your cloud files exactly where you want them neatly organized and accessible. Simply connect all your accounts to a single cloud backup service provider like BackupGuru and have all your files and content stored and accessible in one place.This can be tailored according to your requirement, you can also schedule the backup when your device is least in use like when you are sleeping.

Many of us look at the cost associated with cloud storage services hence end up signing up for all possible cloud services that offer free storage to a certain limit. Investing a fraction of an amount in cloud storage that allows you to seamlessly connect directly to various services and automatically backs up the data from these multiple accounts in one single space is all you need.

Like the idea of getting your backup solution of organising your platforms for you? Get in touch with our experts at BackupGuru, our sole aim is to make your life easier. An intelligent cloud storage service, where not only can you backup your files but easily locate what you have stored with ease.


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