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Looking To Secure CCTV Storage For Financial Institution? Cloud Storage for CCTV Backup Is Your Answer

CCTV BackupFinancial Institutions and banks deal with the highest value of cash transactions on a daily basis as compared to any other institution. With each bank and their subsequent branches dealing with huge amounts of money, they naturally face the biggest security threat and can be considered as a high-risk target for crime. The threat could be an external or an internal one. Bank employees have access to a vast amount of sensitive financial documents, valuables, currencies. They also interact with the public at large every single day. Banks also experience a heavy footfall on the premises all through their business hours.

Financial institutions and banks therefore hold an enormous responsibility on their shoulders to safeguard their banking assets and valuables. They also need to take measures to ensure that their customers and employees are safe.

Various security measures are taken in a banking environment to deter crime. One such measure taken is the installation of CCTVs at vantage points. Having video surveillance security camera systems benefits the financial institution significantly. High definition surveillance systems are strategically placed and connected through a network to a set of screens that can be monitored regularly.

One of the advantages of having CCTVs as a part of security measure is that visual clips of all areas are captured and saved on the local device for a certain period of time. This gives the financial institutions and banks visual coverage of day-to-day activities within, such as – over the counter transactions, movement of people around the bank etc., which enable to them securely monitor and deter theft.

There is no doubt that technology advancement in electronic surveillance has transformed the security systems and have played a significant role in deterring fraud and theft but there is small drawback that CCTV surveillance have. The CCTV set up only allows video clips captured saved for a specific period of time (mostly it is for about 30 days). Hence, either the saved images get over-written or backup of the images are taken and stored on external storage devices like PC, USB device etc.

Cloud Backup Solution for CCTV Data

Having a backup of CCTV footage is very important in case of financial institutions or banks as you never know when you may need to retrieve old media files since they serve as vital piece of evidence in case of any eventuality. Storing media files on external devices can be an expensive affair since media files tend to be heavy, occupying a lot of space. Moreover, one stands the risk of losing the files either your storage device could get corrupted; someone could accidently delete the files “or” the files could get stolen.

So, how do we counter all these issues to ensure that we have foolproof security system in place along with an efficient backing up system?

Cloud backup is the emerging technology that allows users to backup, store, access and retrieve their files over the internet easily. Making use of this technology it is now easy to integrate your existing CCTV setup and store the media feeds in the cloud.

Advantages of Cloud Backup for CCTVs in Banks:

In order to fully utilise the power of data recording from sources integrating the CCTV security systems with CCTV cloud storage provides banks and financial institutions with a robust security solution, which is reliable and cost-effective.

Anytime Access: The biggest advantage of having your CCTV data on the cloud is that cloud storage systems offer remote access. This means one can access the CCTV/IP camera in real time or whenever required later from anywhere.

Cost Effective Backup Solution: Since cloud storage offers a single common storage for more than one location, the installation cost is lesser. In addition, since this eliminates the cost of buying external storage devices storing CCTV data on cloud becomes a more cost-effective option.

24/7 Data Security: There is a possibility of the system/ hard drives storing the CCTV footage being stolen or wiped out during a break-in. You could also face the risk of the files on the hard drives being corrupted due to various other reasons. The risk of such instance does not happen in the case of cloud storage systems. Since all the files are stored on an off-site server and have adequate security control for one to access this data the loss of data or chances of someone stealing it is negligible.

To ensure risk factors are reduced and to protect your institution from liabilities that could affect the business it is a good idea to enhance your security systems. This hold true especially when you are in an industry dealing with the public and have the liability to secure valuable assets. Having high-quality surveillance systems in place along with an equally efficient CCTV cloud backup reduces liabilities and provides a robust solution, which can enable banks to protect valuable assets, customers and employees.

BackupGuru offers an efficient and secure cloud backup for CCTV with easy integration enabling financial institutions to improve their security setup by consistent and instantly available surveillance data from anywhere on the network. What to know more? Get in touch with our experts.

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