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Do This Before You Recycle Your Smartphone Or Tab

Do This Before You Recycle Your Smartphone Or Tab

Do This Before You Recycle Your Smartphone Or Tab
Do This Before You Recycle Your Smartphone Or Tab

Do This Before You Recycle Your Smartphone Or Tab: Concerns about environmental hazards and toxic wastes slugging every corner of the earth have been plaguing various agencies world over. One such concern is the safe disposal of electronic wastes such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets etc. that has prompted the manufacturers of these devices urging the consumers to return their old devices for safe disposal in efforts towards the green initiative.

Therefore, if you are looking at contributing to a cleaner environment by giving your old device to any of the smartphone or laptop return centers there are certain things you need to take care of before turning in your device. You would have to make sure that you have a copy of your personal data so that you do not give room to anyone handling your device to misuse any personal information that is left behind.

Do This Before You Recycle Your Smartphone Or Tab:

Cloud backup is one of the safest ways to ensure that all your personal data is secure and backed up in one single location. With cloud not only allows you to create a copy of all your data but also gives you the freedom of accessing it from any device.

Here is what you should do to ensure that you do not leave behind any residual information that could put your privacy at risk:-

  • Back up your data in the cloud:

Create a backup of your all your data – information of all your contacts, pictures, social media data, music, media files, e-books etc. whatever is important to you. Ensure you check each folder of your device’s memory to select the files that require backup.

  • Back up your call logs and texts:

Many users like to keep a track of their call logs and text messages in such a case you would have to create a backup of this separately. One of the simplest ways of doing it is to sync this with your cloud storage. Auto syncing of data on the cloud would enable you to create a backup of your call logs, photos, etc. and can be accessed from anywhere or downloaded to another device.

  • Encrypt your data:

Once you have, all your data backed up it is time to wipe the slate clean (in this case your device). After signing off all your accounts to ensure that all your personal data is erased just performing a factory reset is not sufficient. You would have to encrypt your device, which means that if someone wants to see any data on your phone, they would require your password to decrypt it.

  • Do a factory reset:

Last but not the least before you turn in your device always perform a factory reset on your device. This would wipe off all residual information that could be present on your device. Since we are not aware of who would be handling your old device when you are handing it over to a recycling center performing the above steps ensures that your privacy remains intact.

As mentioned before safeguarding your data is most crucial, hence it would be wise to invest in a cloud storage solution. A reliable cloud storage solution not only allows you to backup up your data it also lets you easy access to your data from any location at any time.

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