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Things To Remember When Switching To A New Android Phone

Things To Remember When Switching To A New Android Phone

Things To Remember When Switching To A New Android Phone
Things To Remember When Switching To A New Android Phone

Things To Remember When Switching To A New Android Phone: Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. With the kind of shift in technology and pricing smartphones are experiencing the older devices are going obsolete faster than one can imagine. The availability of smartphones in the market of various brands, models, and pocket-friendly pricing one is often tempted to junk their old devices and buying newer phones with the latest technology, faster processors etc.

It is evident that most smartphones users would be switching back and forth through newer phones in the near future. There are however few small but very important details that one might forget or overlook when migrating to a new phone.

Here are a few points one should remember and ensure that you have each one of them covered when switching to a new Android phone.

• Syncing Contacts:

The first and foremost step before switching to a new android phone is syncing all your contacts on the existing phone with the cloud. Not only would it be easier for you to retrieve all your contacts without worry, the cloud also provides a backup option in case of any disaster. While all smartphones manufacturers have their own cloud backup, retrieving data from existing cloud may not work in case you are buying a different brand of android phone. It would be wiser to go for a cloud storage service provider since it allows porting of contact from or to devices of any make.

• Take a backup of photos and other media files:

Taking a backup of photos and other media files are often ignored. While you may not necessarily do a factory reset to your existing phone, but you would certainly want to delete all the photos and media files from your existing device before switching to your new android phone. Always remember to take a backup of all the photos and media on the cloud before clearing them from the gallery of your phone.

• Sign out from accounts:

The signing off from all accounts on your existing phone is one of the drills that one often overlooks. Always sign out from all accounts such as Google, Bank app, shopping apps, Instagram, Facebook, Skype etc. before switching to your new phone. Go to settings and individually sign out of each of your accounts and remove them.

Clear App Data:

One may not consider this as an important task, but it is equally important that you clear out all app data for all the apps that you use.

• Clear browsing data:

Remember that your privacy is in your hands. Another often-neglected task is clearing your browsing history and other data that is linked with browsing sessions. To ensure that you leave no room for your privacy to be compromised always clear out your browsing history from your existing phone before you switch to your new android phone, this can be easily done from the setting option of your browser.

Following the steps mentioned above would ensure that your migration to your new phone happens without a glitch it would also help you to maintain your privacy and security since the smartphone is not just used as a device for communication we also use them for banking, bill pay and other purposes too.
For a secure and multi-device backup and data retrieval choose a reliable cloud backup solution provider such as BackupGuru which offers you to sync data to or from any device from one single cloud storage account. For more cloud storage solutions that would be ideal for you call our cloud specialists now.

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