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3 Advantages of BackupGuru’s Cloud Backup Services

3 Advantages of BackupGuru’s Cloud Backup Services

Cloud Backup Services

While a number of Cloud Storage solutions are handy to keep your files close to you, they are not always the best options for your requirement, which could vary from user to user. For instance, one would require a cloud backup solution that is a little more robust; or would want security as a primary feature or may want an interface, which is more streamlined. Whatever the need, one often finds oneself subscribing to a multitude of cloud backup and storage solutions to fulfil their requirements. Oftentimes, it becomes a tedious process to handle and manage various accounts, leading to an utter mess.

BackupGuru’s smart cloud backup solution allows its users all of the above-cited solutions and a lot more, granting you peace of mind. Having an anytime, anywhere accessible repository of your precious data makes sharing files with friends, family and colleagues a hassle-free solution. BackupGuru offers both desktop apps and mobile app that gives you the freedom to automatically upload all your data for safekeeping and comes bundled with a number of other functions.

Whatever your preference, here is why you should consider BackupGuru’s cloud backup services before your device or pc decides to kick the bucket.

Comprehensive Cloud Backup and Storage Solution

BackupGuru is a perfect blend of everything you would want in a cloud backup and storage solution – it is easy, fast, secure, accessible and intuitive to use. Not only do you get ample storage space according to your requirement, you can easily collaborate and quickly upload links and shared folders. What’s more-with BackupGuru, you can back up your files from Google Drive, OneDrive, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox — and sync data across multiple devices automatically. Another cool feature of BackupGuru is that it lets you access large files with its built-in video player for HD video streaming.

Smart Cloud Backup and Storage

We all have files that we access daily and files we access only occasionally or maybe few times a year – these are important data that one would need less frequently, such as compliance and taxing  files mostly pertaining to small and large business establishment. Having the less frequently used data on the regular cloud backup and storage solution unnecessary use of the storage space on the cloud.

BackupGuru’s offers Cold Storage for the stuff you need less frequently where you can safely store and access data across multiple facilities and devices. This not only saves up frees up storage space locally on the computers etc. but also does not crowd up the backup and storage space on your regular cloud account.

Tailored Backup Solution

Most of us are busy, period! Moreover, most of the times the last thing we would want is a number of cloud subscriptions to manage. So, if you looking for something that’s one and want to be done and sorted then, look no further than BackupGuru’s Customized Mobile Backup solution. BackupGuru gives you the ease of backing up just about everything all at one single location. It also allows one to sync a certain number of devices according to an individuals usage and requirement to provide an all-in-one backup for your contacts, media files. The fact that it works on Apple and Android means that one is not tied to a single device.

The feature packed cloud backup solution from BackupGuru gives its users a complete peace of mind where your data stays completely secure thanks to its end-to-end encryption feature. So sit back and relax knowing that your data is safe, secure and easily accessible get in touch with our cloud solution expert now!



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