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Trust “The Cloud” To Securely Store Your Files

Trust “The Cloud” To Securely Store Your Files

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While a good number people are turning to the cloud for backup and storage solutions, however, there, is still a large community of people who wonder if, the cloud can be trusted to securely store files from their devices especially their computers. All your data – documents, media files, and lots more can be easily stored on a reliable cloud backup and storage services without worrying about security. The cloud backup happens to be one of the most secure storage platforms that you can have, provided you choose a strong password. Having a secure password is first and most essential step towards securing your personal data.

What Makes Cloud Backup the Safest Place for your Data

Security – Typically, all the data that you store on the cloud is stored at data centres on machines remotely. Physically these data centres are secure and no one can tamper with the data stored on these machines. The biggest danger lies in the way you secure the connections from your end. Provided you take care of the credentials from your end, i.e. passwords and other security measures your data is generally secure because only you can access your data and files.

Sharing and Collaboration – Through the cloud sharing and file collaboration is easy, safe and extremely secure. All one needs to do is share the link of the file and set the required permissions accordingly. For example, if you want the file to be as read only to its viewers or if you want them to add details from their end then, the permission needs to be set from your end to ensure security. Again, one needs to ensure that the access for file share is given judicially.

Redundancy – The cloud backup services generally stores at least a minimum of three copies of each piece of data, and it is mostly in different places. For you to lose your data entirely from the cloud something as bizarre as all the three copies of the saved data would have to disappear from three different locations at the same time. The chance of something like this happening is one in a million, and, even this can be recovered by the cloud backup service providers. Therefore, since multiple copies of your data is saved remotely your data is safe and there is absolutely no chance of you losing it on the cloud.

Limitation of the Cloud

Overall, the cloud is completely secure space for storing your data, however, there are a few instances due, to which the data could be corrupted or get lost.

If by any chance someone gets hold of your password or cracks it then, someone could access your data and misuse it. To ensure maximum security on the cloud make sure your password is a strong one, if possible change it on a regular basis, and never share your password with anyone.

Your files on the cloud could be corrupted due to viruses. This issue is caused by your device or machine definitely not by the cloud.  For instance if you have an infected file on your device and have set it on an automatic backup then there are chances that the corrupted files could overwrite the existing ones on the cloud causing your data to be corrupted. Always perform regular scanning of your devices to ensure that they remain virus free.

What makes the cloud a dependable solution is apart from the above citied reasons most cloud backup services help you recover files that have been overwritten or deleted accidently. The cloud by far is the most cost-effective, secure solution for all your data. Looking for a reliable cloud backup solution for your data that is fast, easy and secure get in touch with our experts at BackupGuru.


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