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4 Advantages of Storing Data in the Cold Storage on the Cloud

4 Advantages of Storing Data in the Cold Storage on the Cloud: 

4 Advantages of Storing Data in the Cold Storage on the Cloud: 

In case of cloud storage, the data is easily stored, managed and backed up. With the help of cloud storage service, users can easily store the files online and can also access them with the help of internet from any location. Various surveys and studies have shown that more than 800 business associations and users use cloud storage to get easy access of any data over the internet, and it has also doubled in the past few years till 2017. It is also very cost-effective if kept for a longer period of time.

Cloud storage is of three types:

Hot storage: Hot storage stores up all your data, which is frequently accessed. Therefore, it can be as well called the primary or production stage of storing the data.

Warm Storage: Compared to hot storage, warm storage is slow and stores up the data, which is accessed less frequently. It is hence a bit hot and a bit cold storage. The data is replicated and he first one is stored in Disk whereas the rest is added to the Archive.

Cold Storage: It is only used for storing data which are accessed very less. When a data no longer needs to be accessed frequently, it is transformed from hot storage to cold storage.

Cold Storage:

Out of all the three types of Cloud storage solutions, cold storage for redundant data saving is the most cost effective and easiest solution. In case of cold storage, mostly inactive data can be accessed. Cold storage is mostly used for accessing videos, photographs, data, which is usually stored for backup, and data recovery motives. However, data retrieval in case of cold storage can be slow rather than the devices for that of the active data. Data, which is no longer in use, is transferred from hot to cold storage. The process of migrating this data, is simple, easy and not a difficult task.

Advantages of cold storage on cloud:

Cold Storage on the Cloud offers for a varied number of advantages. Comparatively, this is the slower form of data storage. Therefore, storing data on the costly storage tiers will prove to be expensive be it capital or operating costs. However, cold storage on the cloud offers scalability, proves to be a cost effective alternative, and can store a large number of data. It is very famous in the IT sector. Since it is very durable, the cost for cold storage is more than worth it.

Some of the advantages of cold storage are as follows:

Accessibility: The inactive data can be easily restored or backed up with the help of cold storage. With the help of internet connection, the data can be accessed from anywhere over the internet.

Cost effective: Cold storage is pretty cost effective, and cheap, hence it is the most preferred form of cloud storage. It does not even require access of internal power.

Disaster recovery: In case of any disaster, data can be easily restored from any location in case of emergency backup.

Usability: With the help of cold storage, users can store and access large amounts of data from anywhere anytime.

All in all cold storage on the cloud can reduce the unnecessary expense attached when it comes to storing inactive but equally essential data. Looking for a cold storage solution on the cloud that is cost-effective, fast, easy and secure then get in touch with our cloud experts at BackupGuru


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