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Top 3 Reasons Why The Cloud Is The Hottest Trending Technology in 2018

Storing and backing up files online is fast becoming a popular way amongstusers across the globe. Online backup and storage is designed in such a way that data saved on the Cloud stays protected even if they remain dormant i.e. if the account has not been used or accessed for a number of days, months or years. Apart from having your files safely stored on the Cloud, what appeals to the majority of people, is the convenience of accessing their files from anywhere at any time.

The growing popularity of the Cloud is not just confined to business data.There are a number of reasons why the Cloud is trending and changing the way data is backed up and stored.

File Protection

Cloud storage offers comprehensive protection to your files.However, unlike external hard drives or flash drives, with the Cloud,the users need not worry about their files being corrupted. The files on the Cloud are saved on an offsite location,on secure servers that are adequately protected; and are therefore, physically disconnected from the current location of active documents.

Data Security

One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of Cloud storage is the security it provides. Unlike the portable drives and devices that can be stolen or lost, the data stored on the Cloud comes with end-to-end encryption which means only the owner of the Cloud account can access it. Cloud Storage service providers create multiple security levels to keep their customers’ data from being hacked.

Automatic Backup, Accessibility and File Recovery

Storing files on the Cloud is easy since it offers automatic backup for all your data. Cloud storage and backup service providers are always on top of the line with their services and hence, always ensure that they have themost recent version of documents.

The Cloud also provides easy, anywhere, any time accessibility to their users. While being able to access files is important, being able to recover files easily is also equally essential. With the Cloud, data can be restored within the shortest time span, in the event of a data loss.

Apart from the above top features of Cloud storage,what makes the Cloud a formidable contender in the backup and storage solution, is that it gives its users the ease of Automatic back up and Syncing of files; it makes Sharing and Collaboration over the internet easy and fast. Since one doesn’t need to invest in massive infrastructure for backup and storage the Cloud also happens to be cost effective.

Due to the powerful features that the Cloud has to offer, it definitely tops the chart in the digital communication world. The Cloud is evidently here to stay.

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