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Top 7 Cloud Based Tools Designed to Simplify Your Workflow

top 7 cloud based tools

With cloud based tools leveraging the Moore’s Law (it is the observation that the number of transistors in a densely integrated circuit doubles about every two years), software development is evolving with the same pace so as to stay relevant. The cloud service providers help development teams eliminate much of the burden of running a business and ultimately help them focus on their core product: the software development.


However, now the demand for cloud based tools has emerged to a whole new different level, thereby making the cloud storage providers develop more advanced yet user-friendly apps.

While Microsoft is planning to invest 5 billion dollars in the Internet of Things over the next five years, the United States has already invested a whopping $13 billion in the cloud computing.  Considering the versatility of the cloud-based tools, the US feds have finally acknowledged its worth and are integrating cloud services in the federal space.

All of the missionary work, development work, technical and cultural changes that were happening before are now taking hold, and you’re really seeing cloud adoption explode in the federal space.

In order to dominate Europe’s cloud computing market, the US tech giants are all investing hugely so as to build up their local credibility.

Cloud based tools not only eliminate the requirement of hard copies but also prevent tampering of the work. Cloud tools enable the users to instantly access documents, modify & share them, provided the users have the Internet access. These tools also make them collaborate the users with their virtual assistant at much ease. We have listed down top 7 trending cloud based tools that can help enhance your enterprise. Continue reading!

Top 7 cloud based tools to save your time & money
cloud based tools

Cloud applications, or software-as-a-service apps, are transforming business at companies of all sizes, allowing them to quickly set up productivity-boosting technology to replace manual activities and on-site enterprise software. Gartner forecast that cloud apps would grow 20 percent to $46.3 billion globally during 2017.

#1 Workflow Apps

This cloud based tool is the most frequently downloaded workflow app. It is specifically designed to promote collaboration through a cloud hosting and browser accessible app. This app features cards, lists, and boards which can be used to create a calendar/worksheet for managing agile development projects with telecommuting teams. This workflow app also features a board that can be used for major projects, lists for each aspect of the project, and cards for each part of the project.

#2 Note-making Apps

This is another great cloud based tool used for taking notes. Workflowy helps the professionals to manage their views, maintain notes, list down specific aspects of each view, and monitor their completion of tasks. While it looks like a simple word processor, this app is ideal for scheduling, brainstorming, and communicating purposes.

#3 Cloud based Drives


Cloud based drives are widely used across the globe. They offer around 15 GB of free data storage thus benefiting small businesses and entrepreneurs hugely to manage and maintain their workflow. They are easy to use as they are integrated with your personal mail id. This makes incredibly easy to use the Drive and coordinate with others who have access.

#4 Database Management App


While software professionals usually prefer data-based tools, a database management app is ideal for beginners. It is specially considered for its incredible enterprise solution features such as its functionality of spreadsheets to manage a cloud-based system. This free app is used as a database to host the app through the API. It is also used as a simple management tool for non-development related task management.

#5 Multi-data Usage App


This is another popular online multi-storage application which can be used both as a platform and a service. This free online storage option is mainly useful for those who want to incorporate a number of cloud computing applications and can play nicely with. It also integrates with on-premise apps, thereby enhancing functionality and creating more room for multi-data usage.

Currently, over one million integration processes are being done every day for free through this cloud based tool.

#6Cloud Data Masking App


This is another frequently downloaded app offered by a leading cloud storage provider. This app is an array of cloud tools with keeping integration as the sweet spot and pushing data security-related issues to the cloud era. Right kind of cloud tool can render a powerful defense. This online data storage company enables the users to reduce/eliminate the vulnerability, especially when they are running an enterprise that creates and manages work within the cloud.

#7 Reducing Workload App


This is the latest cloud software tool, whose main task is to reduce the workload by simplifying the paperwork. It integrates contracts, invoices, questionnaires, e-mail, to-do lists, time tracking, bookkeeping, calendars and more into a single login. It can be installed in just 30 minutes. These are the features it offers –

  • The user can add his/her email address and bank account
  • Personalize lead pages that are embeddable
  • Access any contact book
  • Set up emails to be highlighted
  • Manage project management
  • Set up invoices and quotes

All you need to do is to choose solutions that aptly suit your business requisites and help you reach your goals. While these top 7 cloud based tools can get you started, do follow our posts to see for more viable options.



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