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Top 3 Cloud Trends for 2019 to Look Out For

3 cloud trends for 2019

Global spending on the cloud services and infrastructure is constantly upsurging. This has given rise to cloud trends for 2019, which will be leveraged in building the third platform solutions including big data, analytics, and the Internet of Things. In this post, we will be discussing the top 3 cloud trends for 2019 which enhance and optimize customer journeys. Do have a read!

As per Statista, the net value of the public cloud computing market in 2018 is 186.4 billion USD. In 2019, it’s expected to reach 221.1 billion US dollars. Below is a list of the industries which are forecasted to invest in public cloud services in 2019 –

  • Discrete manufacturing ($19.7 billion)
  • Professional services ($18.1 billion)
  • Banking ($16.7 billion)
  • Process manufacturing ($10 billion)
  • Retail industry ($10 billion)

cloud trends for 2019 computing

Enterprises from these industries are believed to leverage cloud services along with the new-age technologies like blockchain, Internet of Things, AI and big data. This progressive approach will take their businesses to the next level. Cloud computing is certainly going to optimize customer journeys, thereby enabling the businesses to reduce their operational expenses. The thought leaders hence will get an excellent opportunity to dominate the market within their niche in the near future.

With the increasing demand for cloud computing, there would be pressure on the CIOs to deliver outcomes which meet their customers’ expectations. With customers being fastidious and the ever-growing competition, the CIOs need to gear up and execute things in a smarter way. Cloud computing is going to become a building stone for the enterprises in the upcoming years. Considering the potential of the cloud, we at Backupguru have a vision that the entire range of IT enterprises would be cloud-based by 2020.

For 2018, expect to see cloud computing morph into a new, more distributed form, which many observers and some vendors (mainly Cisco) are referring to as “fog computing.”

Cloud computing service providers are equipped with adequate tools and expertise to face the underlying challenges. They come up with innovative techniques that could appease their customers. We are going to share the top three cloud trends for 2019 which are going to have a profound effect on the cloud users. Continue reading!

Top 3 cloud trends for 2019 CIOs should look out for

cloud trends for 2019 to look out for

  1. Cloud-based Quantum Computing

Quantum computers top the list of upcoming cloud trends for 2019. They are incredibly powerful machines, which are capable of revolutionizing the processing information. Built on the principles of quantum mechanics, cloud-based quantum computing has the strange ability to exist in more than one state at any time in subatomic particles. Because of their microscopic size and the way these particles behave, operations can be done in a much faster way. Moreover, they consume less energy than classical computers.

All the top tech brains are rigorously working around the clock to launch the world’s first quantum computer. With this progressive cloud-based supercomputer, we will soon be solving complex issues in the medical spectrum, making better financial decisions, and even having human-like interactions with artificial intelligence. As we write, a team of researchers from the University of Western Australia has developed a silicon chip that is capable of guiding the single particles of light to process quantum information. This has brought the next-gen of supercomputer one step closer to reality.

  1. Distributed Cloud Architecture

A distributed cloud is the application of cloud computing technologies to interconnect data and applications served from multiple geographic locations.

As per Rajesh Patil, CEO of Backupguru,

“Every day there are new assignments being born which demand induction of both the cloud and the edge – Internet of Things and AI being great examples of that. And when we combine cloud computing with AI, you practice on the cloud and you score on the edge which is a real competitive advantage.”

The Internet era which had begun with centralized client-server architecture is now gradually transforming into the cloud computing model. The cloud trends for 2019 will hopefully make a paradigm shift to disrupt billions of devices into an opportunity, unleashing the power of computing devices at the edge.

  1. Automation will be mandatory

Most of the successful enterprises manage the cloud applications by using automation. Automation is a preset process which is kicked off per predefined policies.

Sooner, organizations won’t be able to manage the cloud without adopting this technology. If it hasn’t happened already, the thought leaders will cross the tipping point of about 200 cloud-based systems in 2019. Automation and related tools will be the ultimate way to track the systems and maintain good management practices.

To conclude

If we consider the statistics, 83% of the enterprise workloads will be run on clouds. Besides, 41% of workloads will be run on public clouds while 22% would be running on hybrid cloud platforms. Cloud trends for 2019 are indeed going to play a major role in optimizing the business grades and boost ROIs.

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