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Seven Myths around Cloud Functions Explained

cloud functions myths debunked

Serverless cloud functions are augmenting rapidly across the software development industry spectrum. While the cloud functions offer several benefits, there are plenty of speculations associated with the serverless functions. In this post, we are going to debunk 7 most popular cloud functions myths which are hindering professionals from adopting this technology. Do have a read!

cloud functions myths infographic

#Myth 1 Cloud functions are not suitable for latency-sensitive data.
Fact – Serverless functions perform equally at all levels as applications running on the cloud. Cloud functions are specifically designed for end-user applications.

#Myth 2 – Cloud is only for random workloads, else they’re quite expensive as compared to virtual machines.
Fact – Cloud is the most affordable technology suitable for workloads of any size. Depending upon the workload size, teams can use cloud platform thus saving infrastructure and operational costs.

#Myth 3 – There is no Service Level Agreement (SLA) available for cloud functions.
Fact – The availability of SLA for cloud is 99.95%. Based on this availability, cloud functions deliver 99.99% result.

#Myth 4 – Cloud only supports limited programming languages.
Fact – Cloud is capable of supporting any programming language including Javascript, PHP, ASP, AJAX, Perl, Java, Node.js, Java, Python, Serverside Swift, PHP and SQL to name a few.

#Myth 5 – The code size for cloud is limited to 48MB.
Fact – It is partially true that the function code uploaded by the developer is limited to 48MB. However, the user can package code of willful sizes in the form of docker images and use it as a basis for executing the cloud functions.

#Myth 6 – Application code must be restructured into very granular components so as to use the cloud.
Fact – The cloud platform never forces any application to be restructured at a granular level. The user must determine whether to put all the codes into a single action or create hundreds and apply a mixture.

#Myth 7 – Managing cloud is difficult as the logs are hard to analyze.
Fact – When cloud solutions are deployed with the log analysis, this latter service auto-captures the logs and metadata. Hence, managing the cloud is actually flexible.

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