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On-Premise vs Cloud Storage: A Comprehensive Comparison Infographic

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In this post, we are going to share an infographic-based comprehension comparison – on-premise vs cloud storage. When it comes to data storage, organizations have an array of options now, thanks to the latest technologies. Cloud storage service reigns supreme among all and you can later read here why. Let’s now go through the comparison and find out which one is a viable option and why.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing gives you flexibility, with less control.

Cloud computing stores and gives access to data, programs, and numerous applications directly via the Internet instead of taking the traditional approach – the stored data in the computer’s hard drive or a server somewhere in the building (on-premise).

What is on-premise storage

On-premise requires way more maintenance costs than organizations might think.

The on-premise storage software is installed in a company’s in-house server and is operated from a computing infrastructure.

This kind of storage requires a license of the software to operate. Since the software now becomes a licensed version and the fact that it remains within an organization’s premises, organizations feel having more control in terms of security.

An extensive infographic of on-premise vs cloud storage 

on premise vs cloud storage infographic

To conclude…

For most of the enterprises, the advantages of using cloud computing now seem to have surpassed the myths involved with it. The users need to only take care of one thing while leveraging cloud storage services – it should not shut down. if at all this happens, their business will face a huge impact. Do your homework before blindly hiring any cloud service vendor. The debate is not yet finished. There’s still much more to explore and learn about the potential of the cloud computing.

When it comes to security, each of the above-mentioned data storing options has their own benefits. However, it is proved that a cloud service solution performs far better as compared to its on-premise peer. Hope you liked this post on on-premise vs cloud storage. Stay tuned for more interesting posts.

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