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How to Backup CCTV Storage to Cloud

backup cctv storage to cloud

Technology these days has been progressing like never before. It is clearly evident if you have a close look at the advancements from the past few decades. In the past, we just had telephones and cable TV’s but now the high-speed internet has rendered an opportunity to make them personalized by just installing some applications and settings. On the other hand, CCTV’s are a way different from these. To be frank, it all depends on the bandwidth to Backup CCTV Storage to Cloud.

Backup CCTV Storage to Cloud 

This is the right time for CCTV Backup Storage and security cams to renovate themselves and empower the users of various businesses to take benefit of the approachability, potential, and adaptability that is provided by the cloud. But, the only thing that stops businesses from shifting to cloud-based CCTV is actually about not possessing sufficient bandwidth. If the premises of the company or any organization are in a rural area, and fixed broadband is not feasible, can the network of the mobile phone survive? Suppose they depend on an ADSL connection, can that contribute sufficient bandwidth? Luckily, the view that weaker bandwidth connections can’t support a CCTV that is relying on cloud is some sort of a suburban myth. The response to all these queries is, of course, a ‘yes’.

Every business should keep in mind that data protection is supreme and guarantee that every minute thing of the data is perfectly encrypted before transmitting everything to the cloud, like the same way suggested by the ICO. This is the main reason why CCTV cloud storage is gaining prominence.

WHEN should you go for Backup CCTV storage to Cloud?

  • If the protection system is to be established at various sites or on diverse LAN networks, in such cases, utilizing the cloud is the best option for CCTV cameras.
  • This type of storage is also well-preferred on websites having more than 2 to 3 cameras.

Both NVRs and DVRs are easily obtainable in the market that supports the backup of clouds.

WHY is cloud storage a better solution?

  • Easy Access: Cloud systems promote comfortable remote access, which means the footage of CCTV cameras can be simply accessed in real-time or afterward from any place at any time by just using any mobile phone, computer, tablet, etc.
  • Affordable: As for more than one location or site, only a common storage method is preferred, the establishment or installation cost is decreased and therefore this is becoming a major affordable alternative.
  • Scalable: The storage requirements of Backup CCTV Storage to Cloud are usually changing so you can also easily change the storage plans for the cloud by decreasing or increasing the bandwidth and storage as required.
  • Security: When there is a failure in the system or hard drives saving the safety footage is always at equal danger of being robbed, presenting the footage unapproachable and hence not usable. In the case of the cloud systems, this type of risk is usually absent.

Final Say

Having a CCTV backup storage always helps you as you cannot say when the necessity or any type of risk occurs. So, when everything is in your hands why to fall prey for the risk of getting stolen.

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