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Benefits of Using Mobile Backup Servers to Store your Data


Mobile phone has changed the way the people function in the world. People cutting across race, age, societal status are increasingly dependent on mobile phones for their daily life. It has helped people function efficiently, timely and deliver a wide spectrum of services across the globe. Mobile backup services have enabled this facility. They can avail umpteen number of services- have products delivered to their doorsteps and even engage in social interactions. 

With mobile being so ubiquitous, ever wondered how and where such humongous data gets stored to enable you to perform all such functions? Benefits of Using Mobile Backup Servers come with a limited data storage capacity, while the need for data storage is far above this. Cloud is the answer. All data is stored online and can be accessed with the press of a button.

Mobile cloud storage is basically a form of backing up data retrievable on hand held mobile devices or laptops, tablets. Mobile backup frees individual devices from being data-stacked, allowing for better and efficient usage of phone storage space. Not only does it take the load off the local storage of an Android phone or an iPhone by freeing up the phones internal memory but also backing up of file from your phones onto cloud keeps essential data and apps secure in case of loss or damage to your device. 

Benefits of Using Mobile Backup Server Services :

Cloud backups are easy to access and restore from any corner of the world. A reliable and fast wifi or internet connection is all that is needed for it. Depending on need, users can choose the solution that supports the backup from external drive, mobile devices, and system & the application which can also affect the selection. Or users can also subscribe for advanced features such as continuous backup, data encryption both at rest and in-flight, versioning etc. 

The major Benefits of Using Mobile Backup Servers are

  1. Reduced costs
  2. Secure file and data sharing
  3. Reliability
  4. Freedom from hard disk failure
  5. Sensitized from malware attacks
  6. Ease of data recovery

There has been a stupendous growth in the number of entities providing mobile backup solutions. Both individuals and entities use these services. Service users can access call records, voice mails, text messages etc from the cloud storage. Users can also respond to phone calls from the Web interface using a built-in voice over Internet Protocol client. Most mobile backup services providers offer a certain limit of storage space as free and have different charge plans after the free limit is exceeded. The solutions they offer are like a mirror to your phone – reflecting everything that users do on their phones. 

BackupGuru’s Mobile Backup provides the agility to backup, recover and restore all types of files and app data at just a touch of a button without affecting or hampering your usage. The feature rich mobile backup tool allows the user the freedom of unlimited cloud storage space tailor-made to the user’s requirement along with options of backing up multiple devices from a single account.

Benefits of Using Mobile Backup Servers are offered by BackupGuru, one can restore data backed up from any mobile device iPhone or Android. Backup contacts, calendar events, media files, apps, call logs and SMS. The feature also lets the user read documents, view and play media files backed up from any mobile device.

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