Is CCTV Cloud Storage is the Best Storage for Security Systems?


The concept of cloud storage and its successful implementation has eased pressure on storing data. Humongous loads of data can be conveniently parked in cloud storage spaces and retrieved with ease when needed. Diverse business verticals and government agencies have gone “cloud” to stash away data in highly economical and secured conditions. Saving data over internet that can be easily accessed or shared at any time is called cloud storage.

 With healthy growth in business and over all affluence, increase in crime rates across the society has become a common source all over the world so, CCTV Cloud Storage is the Best Storage. CCTV (Closed Circuit TVs) have become a common place tool to ensure safety and security of the premises as well as properties and persons. The CCTVs produce images and videos round the clock and aggregate large volumes of data for review and processing. This data needs a safe and easy to access storage spaces. A good storage backup ecosystem forms the back bone of this industry. CCTV Backup Storage in cloud is an affordable option which ensures highest levels of security too.

Security systems like CCTV generate voluminous actionable data which needs to be stored for future use. Several options are available for the storage like own servers, shared servers etc. Cloud storage facility allows a larger volume of space at a relatively lesser cost and is hassle free. 

CCTV Cloud Storage is the Best Storage

1. Multiple locations: As CCTVs are meant to be located in multiple places to cover the entire area for surveillance, or functions on LAN, using cloud for storage as well as for cameras would be ideal.

2. Cost effective: Cloud storage saves on installation charges. Since data collected from multiple CCTVs are stored at a centralized place (cloud), there is no need for installing servers at different locations.

3. More secured: CCTV Cloud Storage being a central source to retrieve data from, users can authorize specific individuals to access it as and when needed. Controlled access will prevent leak of vital data and hence is one of the most preferred methods to store data.

4. Negligible Downtime: As cloud servers are of giant capacity and have alternate fall back systems in case of technical hitches, the incidence of server downtime is almost nil. This means a continuous flow and access of data to the users without interrupting their business processes.

5. Flexibility: The storage plans in cloud can be changed as per the need and requirement.Users of cloud storage can navigate between different storage plans depending on the storage requirements. 

There are several entities in the market who provide cloud storage for cctv and security systems. BackupGuru is one of the leading providers of CCTV Cloud Storage space. Apart from being a cost-effective CCTV backup solution, BackupGuru’s CCTV Backup is power packed with a number of features. It allows easy integration with most CCTV Security Systems. It also enables remote access, which means CCTV footage can be accessed in real time or later from anywhere using your PC, laptop or smartphone so, CCTV Cloud Storage is the Best Storage. BackupGuru’s CCTV Backup gives its users the flexibility of changing their storage plans as per their requirement.

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