Advantages of using Cloud Storage Solutions in CCTV Backup

Advantages of using Cloud Storage Solutions in CCTV Backup

CCTV cameras are widely used for not only safety and security but for personal monitoring as well. From proof of theft and crime to memorable videos and photos, CCTV cameras store a vital aspect of your life.  However, these devices, like any other electronic device, are prone to data loss. Cloud storage backup is one of the best methods to avoid the loss of videos from CCTVs. Here are the advantages of using cloud storage solutions in CCTV backup. 

Understanding Cloud Storage Services

Cloud storage is the process of saving all types of files;  including videos, photos, documents, etc. in web-based remote locations. With increased cases of data loss from CCTV cameras, more and more users have started adopting CCTV cloud storage for storing CCTV videos. In cloud storage, the data is stored at online storage space, from where it can be accessed and downloaded anytime. 

One of the significant advantages of using cloud storage backup is the ease of access. If you have backed up your videos on the cloud, you can access them anytime from any location. Moreover, specific cloud storage backup plans are dedicated to CCTV solutions only and provide a wide range of high-security options like enhanced security features and full private data. 

Why Should You Use Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage is never a bad option for anyone who wants to back up data. However, if you come under one or more of these categories, cloud solutions can be must-use for you. 

  • When  you want to backup your videos and want easy access to them afterward.
  • When you have deployed two or more cameras on the same site.
  • When your security system is deployed on different sites or is set up on different LANs. 

Advantages of using Cloud Storage Solutions in CCTV Backup

From secured data to easy access, CCTV backup storage offers several advantages. Let’s discuss them in brief. 

Enhanced Security

Once you link your CCTV with the cloud, you will never lose data. Even if the device gets stolen, defective, or damaged, your videos will be stored in the cloud storage, and you can access them anytime, from anywhere. 

These videos are backed up and stored in secure data centers, where the chances of data theft are minimal. Although cybercriminals target cloud storage providers, cloud companies have dedicated Cybersecurity teams to ensure your data is safe and uninfected. 


You don’t need to commit to fixed storage space, and you can alter it accordingly. For example, if you have one CCTV camera installed at your main gate, you might not need more than 10 GB of space per month. 

However, if you plan on installing two more cameras at different locations, the CCTV backup storage of 10 GB would not be enough. To help you out with this hassle, storage companies provide flexible plans where you can choose the amount of space you desire, and you will be billed according to the space you use. That is the advantages of using Cloud Storage Solutions in CCTV Backup

Ease of Access

As mentioned several times before, backing up your videos enables you to access them anytime and from anywhere. For example, if you have a cloud backup of your videos, you can access them on your phone, laptop, or any other device that has a screen and can be connected to the internet. Similarly, cloud storage also offers remote access to all the files. If you are in a different city, state, or country, you can access all of your data as long as you are connected to the internet. 


Instead of choosing cloud storage, if you select hardware storage, you have to spend a hefty amount of money to purchase the hardware. On the other hand, for cloud storage, you just need to pay for the storage space you require, which turns out to be considerably cheaper than the hardware storage method. 

Extended File Back Up

One of the significant disadvantages of storing files or videos in hardware storage devices is their limited life. Storage devices like USB drive, hard disk, etc. are machines and can stop working all of a sudden. If that happens, you will be left with no options to recover your data, unless you are a hardware expert. 

Cloud storage, on the other hand, enables you to store videos and files for an extended period without any concerns of hardware-related problems. Although cloud servers can go down, they are backed by skilled cloud engineers that make sure any kind of loss is avoided. 

Points to Consider before Investing in Cloud Storage

Investing in cloud storage for CCTV videos is an excellent decision and you get the advantages of using cloud storage solutions in CCTV backup, but make sure you take it wisely to avoid future problems. A few points to consider before investing in CCTV cloud storage are:

  • The upstream bandwidth of your network should oscillate with the cloud storage.
  • Choose a cloud service provider with high loop connectivity. Large files take time to load, which can slow down your network. A service provider with high loop connectivity ensures faster uploads. 
  • Make sure your cloud service provider supports scheduling uploads. Uploading videos during the prime time can slow down the network; thus, schedule them for the night or early morning to upload them without much hassle. 


Lost CCTV footage can be a nightmare, especially if the videos are evidential or highly valuable. However, such scenarios can be eliminated by backing up your CCTV videos to cloud storage. The advantages of using cloud storage solutions in CCTV backup are endless, and there is no good reason not to utilize it

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