Top Features of a Cloud Backup Storage

Features of a Cloud Backup Storage

All of you must have suffered data loss at some point in life. If you have not, you are lucky, but not for too long. Cloud storage is one of the best and most popular ways to back up your data, website, CCTV videos, or documents. If you are contemplating investing in a cloud backup service, here are a few features of a cloud backup storage you should consider. 

Cloud Backup Provider: An Overview

Cloud backup storage provider or service is a service that enables you to store, manage, access, and download data on the remote storage. These providers charge per GB (can be different for different providers) to provide you storage space for saving your information. The storage space is flexible, and you can increase or decrease the space as per requirements; the price will vary accordingly. 

Top Essential Features of a Cloud Backup Storage

Available Storage and Price

The objective of using a cloud service provider is to store your files. Therefore, the storage offered by a provider should be one of your primary criteria while choosing a cloud storage service. Another vital point to consider is the price the company charges for a specific amount of storage. Although all companies charge differently depending upon their set of features, you should not end up paying too much or too less than the standard.

Uninterrupted Service

One of the significant expectations you might have from your provider is seamless accessibility. You should choose a cloud company that guarantees 24×7 uptime and continuous, uninterrupted service. Unexpected downtimes can be hazardous and can cost you a lot of time and resources. Therefore, choosing a service that offers high availability is essential features of a cloud backup storage. 

File Versioning

File versioning allows you to create multiple versions of a file in one system. In many cases, you might edit a file and then find the need to revert to the previous versions. If this feature is crucial for you, choosing a cloud backup provider that offers this feature is essential. 

Flexible Storage

Although most cloud backup services offer this feature, don’t forget to double-check before finalizing. Moreover, some providers might offer minimum scalable storage of 3 GB or 5 GB instead of one or two gigs. 

If you don’t want to scale that much, you can look for providers that offer fewer gaps between upgrades. Another complementary feature that you should consider is the minimum time period of plans. If a cloud service provides a plan for a minimum of one year, you might not prefer using it compared to a provider that offers a plan for a minimum of six months. 

Auto Syncing

One of the most essential features to look for in a cloud storage provider is automatic syncing. There is no point in investing in a cloud storage service if you have to upload all your documents manually. Therefore, find a cloud solution that automatically uploads your files in the cloud storage. Moreover, make sure your provider does not delete files automatically after a specific time. 

High Levels of Security

With cloud storage, you are providing your personal information to a third-party company. The deal sounds risky, and therefore, you should ensure your cloud provider offers top-notch security. Cloud providers are common targets for cyberattacks; thus, choose a provider that guarantees protection to your website, files, and documents. 

One of the primary ways to understand the security of a provider is to read its privacy policy. The privacy policy of a company gives you a vague idea about how it uses your information and does it share your data with other users or companies. 

Cloud companies also offer a set of security features that you can review to understand how a company performs in the field of security and data privacy. Some standard security features all cloud providers provide are password protection, file authentication, and file encryption. 

Disaster Recovery

You use cloud backup solutions to retrieve your data in case of data loss or theft. However, features of a cloud backup storage companies can suffer data theft and data loss too. Although cloud providers have an enhanced level of security, they are not inevitable. However, what matters here is the recovery plan of the provider. Before choosing a provider, make sure to learn and understand about its disaster recovery plan, and how and when will it manage to retrieve all of your lost data.  

Customer Support

Cloud computing is a highly technical field that requires an expert operation. Although from the user point-of-view, all you need to have is basic computer knowledge, if you run into a problem, you will need expert assistance. Therefore, select a cloud company that provides 24×7 customer support. 

Being new to cloud storage, you might end up making a few mistakes that can affect your stored data. An excellent quality customer service can assist you with fixing the problem and provide you some preventative measures for the future. Most providers mention their contact details on their website, and if you are still unsure, you can give them a call or drop them a mail to know more about their customer care policy. 


Backing up your data is an intelligent decision, but it can lose its worth if you choose a bad service provider. With so many cloud solution providers in the market, you might get confused; thus, these were some essential features of a cloud backup storage. In a nutshell, make sure your cloud company provides flexible storage, enhanced security, and excellent disaster recovery capabilities.  

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