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How to Recover Lost Videos from CCTV Cameras?

Recover Lost Videos from CCTV Cameras

Steps to Recover Lost Videos from CCTV Cameras

CCTV videos, if lost, are not easily recoverable, and some are impossible to recover. However, there are a couple of methods by which you can try recovering your lost videos. If you have lost your videos and are looking for a guaranteed solution, discover the ways to recover lost videos from CCTV cameras. However, if you want to give it a try, you can use these two methods. Practically, lost videos can be recovered through two ways only:

  • By checking the previous backup
  • By using a recovery tool

Let’s discuss both these steps in detail.

By Checking the Previous Backup

This method is easy to perform. If you have backed up your videos at a remote CCTV backup storage like a USB drive, hard drive, or SD card, you can retrieve those videos with ease. IP cameras feature CCTV cloud storage backup, and if you use an IP camera, you will find all your videos in the cloud backup. From the cloud backup, you can restore all the deleted CCTV/DVR videos. However, this technique works only if you have a backup of your videos. If not, you can try retrieving your lost videos from the next step. 

By Using a Recovery Tool

You can use data recovery tools like MinTool and Recuva for recovering lost files. Tools like MiniTool offer specific features and programs designed to recover videos and photos from digital storage devices like a local disk, USB drive, hard disk, etc. Since surveillance videos are saved in the hard drive, these tools can help you recover them with ease. 

How to use recover lost videos from cctv cameras tools?

Almost all recovery tools have the same mode of action and function. To start, connect the drive to the computer from which the data was lost. After connecting, open the recovery tool, and press the Start button (or any other button that resembles the same function). 

The software will search and detect drives on your computer. Post scanning, it will show a list of detected drives, and you need to select the one that suffered data loss. If the desired drive is not listed, hit the refresh button a few times. If the drive still does not appear, disconnect the drive, reconnect it, and repeat the process. After selecting, you will find a “Scan” option, which you have to press to start the scanning. 

Once the scanning process is concluded, you will see a few folders of the deleted items. Your lost videos will be present in one or more of these folders. However, the chances are that the names of the recovered videos might not be the same as before. In this case, you have to identify the videos based upon size. Or else, you can recover all the videos shown up, and then filter afterward. 

Once you select the videos you want to recover; a popup will appear that will ask you to save the recovered files in the desired location. You can save the data at a safe location, but make sure you don’t save it in the same drive, as the lost data could be overwritten. 

Most recovery tools come with a size limit, and you have to purchase a premium version to unlock more storage. However, if the recovery is vital, paying a small amount of money is not a bad choice. 

A bonus recover lost videos from cctv cameras method if none of the above techniques work is consulting experts. Experienced CCTV providers have experienced a plethora of such cases, and they will undoubtedly have a solution to your problem. If your CCTV provider does not help, you can seek help from professional backup and recovery specialists, as well. 

Some Common Data Loss Causes from CCTVs

CCTV cameras, like other machines, are prone to damage and fault, which can lead to data loss. Human errors can also cause accidental deletion of videos. Although, in some cases, data deletion is unavoidable, here are a few reasons for CCTV cloud storage data loss that can help you stay more precautious in the future. 

  • Fire or electric fault leading to the damage of the equipment
  • CCTV hard drive failure (no specific reason)
  • A corrupted or damaged hard drive, mostly due to malware or virus
  • Exposure to harsh climatic conditions like storms, heavy rain, dirt, excessive heat, etc.

Prevention is Better than Cure

Although recovery methods are available and work well, they don’t provide guaranteed results. If you get lucky, you might retrieve all of your lost data, but if not, you will be left with no option but to condemn the loss. 

Therefore, the best you can do is to back up your CCTV videos regularly or install auto backup software. If you use IP cameras, you can use their in-built cloud storage backup services. If not, you can look for other alternatives. 

If your CCTV videos are stored directly into your PC, you can use OneDrive to create their backup. However, OneDrive offers only 5 GB of free space; thus; you have to pay for extended storage. 

If you are looking for CCTV video backup options that work without the internet, you can consider software like MiniTool as well.  

The Ending Note

CCTVs are used for analytical purposes, and data loss from a CCTV can be an obscuring predicament. However, there are a few ways to recover lost videos from CCTV, as mentioned above. The above points help you discover the ways to recover lost videos from CCTV cameras. However, the best way to keep your CCTV videos safe is to have their backup made beforehand. To backup your videos, you can use IP cameras for automatic cloud backup, or use local syncing services like OneDrive

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