6 Benefits of File Sharing for your Business

Benefits of File Sharing

Technology has evolved, and so has our methods to perform specific tasks. Online file sharing in the mainstream for years now, but people don’t acknowledge the benefits of file sharing, which, if not exist, would have been tormenting predicament for all ranging from individuals to enterprises. 

Let’s discuss online file sharing in brief, along with the Benefits of File Sharing

What is online file sharing?

As per definition, online file sharing the process of sharing data over the internet. Online file transfer allows users to share and access files if they have an internet connection. These files are usually stored on online databases or public cloud storage. Online file sharing is also referred to as internet file-sharing or transfer and web file-sharing or transfer. 

In online sharing, the file to be shared is hosted on a web server, along with a unique URL assigned to it. Then, the user in need of the data can visit that URL and can access the file. In cloud-based online file sharing, users need to upload the file to a cloud server, from which the users in need of the data can download it. The cloud server can either be public or private; if private, the users have to log in to access the files. 

Benefits of File Sharing:

Online file transfer has provided people with seamless flexibility and accessibility. Here are a few significant  Benefits of File Sharing

Reduced Costs

Talking particularly about business and enterprises, online file transfer has helped them reduce costs that would have otherwise been involved with manually sending files and information. If they send file online over the internet, they don’t need to invest in expensive machinery, which was earlier used to send and collect files and information sent over long distances. 

Enterprises have a lot of costs, and an expense cut from any sources is a big thumbs up for them. Similarly, an average human can also leverage online file transfer to send images and documents online that otherwise would have required time and money. 

Saves Time

Both enterprises and average people can save a substantial amount of time by sharing files online via cloud and web servers. Now you don’t need a USB to extract the file from one device, insert into another device, and then copy it. This process was not only time consuming but tedious too. With the help of online file transfer, you can share and access files from any location in the world with just a few clicks, saving a huge deal of time and resources. 

Excellent Accessibility

With the introduction of the cloud, the accessibility to files as improved massively. Both the person who wants to share the file and the ones who want to access it can do it with a few clicks in a few seconds, providing seamless accessibility that was not possible before the streamlining of the online file transfer.

Protection against Data Loss

If your computer gets formatted for no reason (it happens), you will lose all of your files in the blink of an eye. And if you did not have a backup, you might lose a bunch of vital information. Online file transfer protects you from sudden data losses as cloud providers have data recovery techniques. Even if a file you uploaded in the cloud suddenly gets disappeared, you can contact your provider and request to recover it. 

No Location Restrictions

You can access files online from anywhere in the world; it is undoubtedly one of the major advantages of the online file transfer. If you work in the US but are on vacation in Thailand, you can access all the files in times of sudden need as long as you are connected to the internet. 

Disadvantages of Online Sharing

Just like anything online, file transfer offers a lot of benefits but poses a few drawbacks as well. 

  • Data security risks as online files can be prone to cyberattacks
  • Improper handling can be tormenting
  • Internet frauds or company shutdowns (if your cloud provider shuts down, your files are gone)
  • No access in the absence of the internet. 

Wrapping It Up:

So, we have discussed the advantages and drawbacks of an online file share, but as you can make out, the  Benefits of File Sharing overpower its drawbacks. Moreover, all of these drawbacks can be overcome by taking the necessary security measures. 

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