How To Get 90+ Days CCTV Camera Recording Backup

Camera Recording Backup

CCTV cameras are a great technology that helps to ensure security and assist with catching the criminal. But one big problem that people often face is the lack of storage. This is true specifically when there are a lot of CCTV cameras present. For example, hotels and casinos where they have to ensure maximum safety need to regulate a huge amount of data. It is possible to get 90+ Days CCTV Camera Recording Backup if you maintain some instructions. Every day, there can be terabytes of data from a system where more than 100 cameras are present. This often happens for corporate buildings, casinos, hotels, airports, etc. With so much of data in hand, one can’t just get rid of them. 

Let’s stay a security breach happened 80 days ago and you need the security footage to identify the culprit. But, you didn’t have a lot of storage left and weren’t being smart with the data so you had to get rid of all the footage after 30 days. If this happens, you lose all the evidence. That is why you need to consider 90-day security backup storage for preventing such problems from happening. So how can you ensure that you store 90 days of data? 

  • Choose the right NVR server software

The right NVR server will be able to have a good impact on saving the CCTV Camera Recording Backup footage on a server no matter its quality. The processing power of a server is not a big problem when you are trying to store the footage of a place with 100-200 cameras. 

The data from the camera first comes to NVR and then NVR stores them in the server. Video information usually comes to the NVR very fast, but it takes time to store them in the server. High-quality NVR server software will save you from this trouble and make sure all of the data are being stored. 

  • Compress the video 

Always choose H.264 quality when you are trying to figure out the extension of the video file. Why? H.264 provides high compression without affecting the video quality. MPEG-4 and MPEG-2 were also very popular for compressing the video size. 

You can also use ACF (Actively Controlled Framerate) which automatically controls the frame rate of a camera. It lowers the frame rate of a camera when it senses less activity. When the video is being recorded at a lower frame rate, the size of it lowers greatly. 

Your HDD and local servers are also at risk of a security breach. If they get stolen or damaged, you lose all the evidence. That’s why it is so important to get a CCTV Camera Recording Backup for storing the footage. 

When we are talking about storing the CCTV footage, we are referring to terabytes of data. This much data will need a lot of storage. Typical cloud storage that is hired for office works is not the same when you hire for CCTV backup storage. 

There are many cloud storage providers that give CCTV backup storage in exchange for a monthly fee. You can keep all your data synced to the servers that will continuously save them. You can easily access the files from anywhere when they are saved in cloud storage. 

Even though they cost a decent amount of money, they’re still a good option because you can skip a lot of work and save time. 

How to decrease cost?

A larger facility where a lot of cameras are present with high density, the owners find themselves in trouble with the financial management of the entire system. But with the perfect strategy, it is easy to lower the amount of management. 

For example, let’s talk about the CCTV Camera Recording Backup system of a casino. A casino consists of a lot of cameras in each corner. All of the cameras are connected to a centralized location where NVRs are located. This centralized location comes with several benefits. Like:

  • A lower number of NVRs. 
  • Less requirement of several processors. 
  • Easy management of data. 
  • Lower cost. 

Choose a centralized location for all of your security cameras to lower the cost. If you have several security stations in different locations, you would require more NVRs, processing systems and have to operate them separately which will cost significantly higher. 

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