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When you select the best cloud storage you would experience peace of mind and satisfaction. However, before you can achieve this goal you need to abide by some tips. Below are a couple of these tricks to consider when selecting the best cloud storage service:

Tips to choose the best cloud storage service

  1. A cloud provider that has a relentless approach to security – it is no longer suitable to only consider encryption as the sole reason for determining the best cloud storage. You should equally consider if your cloud solutions and services partner has a comprehensive and policy with regards to your stored information. Even if the volume is ideal and the price is affordable still inquire about the security measures of your top provider.

  1. Understand the impact on your business of the cloud server’s location – there could be legal ramifications surrounding where your information is being stored. This might not really matter to you but it is good to find out. Simply inquire about the location of the servers being used by your top cloud provider. Discuss with your attorney to ensure that this would not affect accessing your data presently or in the future if your cloud provider states that they are counting on locating the servers outside your country.

  1. Select a provider that keep pace with the growth of your business – do you have plans to accomplish higher levels of service, revenue, and production? Do you plan on scaling up the size of your business in the future? If you are affirmative of the afore-going questions then you would need to select the best cloud storage alternative that has a large capacity. After specifying your needs for today, find out how they would be able to work with you in your period of expansion.

  1. Find out the leading trends in cloud providers – here is a constant evolution in the cloud industry. This is the major reason why you should work with the best cloud storage provider who is staying ahead of the curve. There is no mystery in finding out if your cloud partner is up to date with the latest trends. On their own, they should be able to give you updates on everything that is cloud-related, such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and so on.

  1. Determine your budget requirements – you need to find out the budget you are working with when you browse for a cloud supplier. This tip is quite basic and should be always adopted when you want to make capital investment or purchase equipment. Considerations to look at would include what you plan on absorbing each month in ongoing fees, and your investment upfront. Money and time savings from going elsewhere should also be a consideration in your search for the best cloud storage.

What is the best cloud storage?

When it comes to making a pick out of the best cloud storage, a lot of criteria is needed. From the foregoing section above, you already know some of the tips required to select a good cloud storage provider. These can also be used to determine the best cloud storage out there.

Below is our list of the best cloud storage today:

  1. Box – as a business toolkit this cloud storage is really lightweight and seamless. A major advantage of using this is its smooth integration with several third-party services and apps like IFTTT, Facebook, and Asana. The box is no doubt a great choice for anyone working with a team that is small and handy.

  2. BackupGuru – This data storage and backup service provide automatic online backup solutions (cold storage, multi-device, mobile backup, server backup, online file share, Android backup, Instagram backup, Facebook backup, etc.) for various business unique needs. It provides an unlimited storage option that let the users store files, images, data related clients, etc. so that they can recover them back when they are needed.
  3. Microsoft One Drive – even the tech giant Microsoft is considered a major provider of the best cloud storage. One Drive used to be known as SkyDrive. It would be effortless to take advantage of this cloud service if you are already a Windows user.

  4. Google Drive – it would be wrong to assume that Drive is solely a cloud storage service. It wraps all of Google’s services into a neat little package as a collaborative and powerful office suite.

  5. Dropbox – this would be the best place to start for any newbie to the online world simply because it is very easy to use. Unlike its competitors above, Dropbox has a minimalistic theme that provides a fluid experience on every type of operating system out there.

Paid vs Free best cloud storage 5400, high

The option of choosing a paid vs free best cloud storage 5400, high would be based on the storage volume that you require. Around 2 GB to 5 GB is the range a lot of the big-name services provide. However, 15GB is offered free of charge by Google Drive. If you require more, then a monthly or an annual fee has to be paid by you.


It is not difficult finding the best cloud storage to use for your personal or business needs. You need to simply take into consideration the various points and tips we have provided in this article to succeed.

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