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How to Recover Deleted Photos in Android?

Recover Deleted Photos in Android

So, there may some pictures missing from your gallery and you are wondering where they are. Images disappearing from your Android gallery is a common phenomenon that can occur in any device. Although we can take measures to avoid such automatic deletions, for now, let’s discuss how you can Recover Deleted Photos in Android.

You can do it on your own or take the help of cloud storage and backup providers such as BackupGuru.

From the Google Photos App

Most Android devices come with a pre-installed and active Google Photos App. You can make it your default gallery application to store all of your images in it. If not, you should have the “backup and sync” feature enabled on your Android device. If you have done this, read along, and if not, skip to the next step.

Here are the Methods to Recover Deleted Photos in Android from the Google Photos App.

  • Open the Google Photos application on your Android phone.

  • On the top left, you will see the Menu option (four horizontal lines); click it and then click on trash. All the images you see in the trash can be recovered. A picture remains in the trash folder for 60 days.

  • To recover a photo, touch and hold it and click on the restore icon

  • The images will be restored to the gallery on Android.

From Google Drive

If you use Google Drive to back up your photos and restoring your deleted photos are not a hurdle as you can recover deleted photos in Android to your gallery from your Google Drive account. However, this method will work only if you have the Google Drive app installed on your Android device. If you have, follow these steps:

  • Open Google Drive app on your mobile

  • Log in with the account you use for backing up photos

  • You will see all the images that are backed up or stored on Google Drive. You can now simply select the images and download them to your Android gallery.

From photo recovery tools

If you don’t use Google Photos or Google Drive to back up your images, the question “How to Recover Deleted Photos in Android” might not be answered for you. Don’t worry because this method helps you recover deleted pictures from Android irrespective of whether they were lost from Google Photos, internal memory or SD card storage, or phone to computer. Photo recovery tools run deep scans in your mobile to find and recover deleted images. Some of the popular recovery tools include:

  • Diskdigger

  • Recuva

  • PhotoRec

  • PhoneRescue

  • Stellar Photo Recovery

How to prevent accidental loss of photos on your Android?

To avoid accidental losses, you need to tie up with backup storage services from BackupGuru than regretting later. While it is possible to recover deleted photos from Android, some data wipes might be irreversible. Therefore, instead of relying on recovery methods, it is better to take the preventive route and back up your photos. Here are a few tips to back up your photos on your Android device.

Copy-paste to PC

You can follow the conventional idea of creating a copy of all your images in your PC or any external storage, such as a hard disk or USB drive. It is the easiest way to store your files and pictures but it is vulnerable to physical damage or loss.

Android data backup

In the Android settings app, find the Backup options. Different smartphone brands use different backup and syncing services. Companies like Asus use Google Drive, whereas Mi offers its own Mi Cloud. Turn the automatic backup option on to ensure all of your photos are uploaded to the cloud and can be recovered if necessary afterward.

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