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10 Most common CCTV Camera Problem and Solutions steps

10 most common cctv camera problem and solutions

When you face emergency CCTV Cameras Problem? What you can do without calling the mechanics? You must need a suitable manual guide about CCTV Camera Problem and Solutions to resolve any unexpected problems created throughout the utility.

10 Important steps How to fix CCTV Camera Problems

The following are some valuable CCTV Camera Problem and Solutions for your need.

Check your power supply to the camera

Failure of power supply could impact the function of CCTV cameras. This is the basic step for checking the functionalities of the camera. If you have detected that the LEDs on the CCTV camera are not lighting up, it’s your 1st step to check to see if the same device is powered externally or internally. Here external power supply indicates plugging into walls separately and internal connection means internal wiring inside the wall. Generally, the battery needs to be connected to the inverter connection for 24-hour functionality. Studies say the zooming camera possesses more watt capacity than the normal one. If the CCTV camera problems couldn’t be solved, follow the next step.

Checking Network connection

If you found electricity is working, but still the camera is not working, the next step would be checking the network whether the clip of the cable is working or not or wireless connection is linked up or not. Obtain the same CCTV camera’s IP address by inspecting the camera’s directory. Once you get the IP address, you need to ‘ping’ it from your laptop or mobile to test the potency of the connection.

In order to check ping, first, click on the start button on the taskbar and click on the search menu. Or, on the desktop, by pressing on the windows button, you can find a search box and then, type ‘cmd’ into the search box of windows and this will carry you to a DOS command prompt. Next, you will be instructed to type in ‘ping’ and the IP address of the camera to check out the network connectivity.

You may find results or messages of either ‘Destination Host Unreachable’ or ‘Request Time Out’ on the screen of CMD.

If the error message is ‘Destination Host Unreachable’

Here, you need to check the network connectivity devices and accessories to fix up the connection issues. You might have to replace the damaged network accessories for a smooth flow of network data.

If the error message is ‘Request Time Out’

Here, you need to check whether the device you are handling is installed on the same network as your camera. If it’s found that the camera is connected on the network, try to connect through your browser. Next, go through the following steps then.

Examine ARP tables

By checking ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) tables, located on the outer area of the camera, you may detect some cross-reference IP addresses and MAC and by fixing these issues, you may solve the request time out error.

Type Correct login username / password

If you found that you can ping the CCTV camera but still unable to connect the camera and unsuccessful to transmit the data, the next step is to check the correctness of the login user id or password. If this is the reason, you will definitely wish to take the help of the manual. If you found the login id and password are correct, the next step is to check the ARP tables.

Check for IP conflict

If you have installed multiple cameras in your office or premises, ensure that they don’t have any similar IP addresses as this can restrict you from connecting one or multiple cameras which have similar IP addresses. If it still faces an issue CCTV Camera Problem and Solutions follow the further process.

Update network software

If everything like IP addresses and login details is correct, it’s time to upgrade firmware software by updating the driver software of the network device and in this way, you can make sure that your camera is up to date with the latest driver software. This needs to be done by connecting the VMS and the web page of the camera through an internet connection.

Reboot the system

After going through all the above steps, you are advised to reboot the system to begin a fresh session of the window to check the functionality of all cameras. If the problem still persists, you need to go through the next step.

Check to cable

The cables need to be straight and firmly installed because if any cable has knots or loose connection or partially damaged, it could create the hidden problem which is much difficult to detect. Hence, you need to monitor the status of the cable thoroughly.

Factory reset procedure

Sometimes, a drastic situation may arise when you lose your whole history but this reset procedure will guide you to troubleshoot any type of issue. A factory reset can be accomplished just by approaching a paperclip into the backside pinhole reset button.

Call customer care or mechanical support

After the above activities, if still, the problem persists and you couldn’t know How to fix CCTV Camera Problems; it’s time to seek assistance from an expert such as BackupGuru who can assist you in every step of the rectification method. Just dial-up the mobile number or toll-free number of vendors either local or manufacturer, which one is easier to communicate.

In sum, the reader could have basic solutions for CCTV camera problems. This article might be helpful for you.

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